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Vastu Shastra

What is Vastu Shastra?

According to Vastu, there is a harmony between the five elements of nature: water, wind, fire, earth and space.

Vastu is an old Vedic method of building design and construction that has been preserved in numerous Vastu scriptures. It is a set of regulations for the methodical design and construction of building.

There is a positive energy flow around every area according to Vastu, which is based on the fundamental principal that every space has its own soul.

Pratap Group

Who we are ?

Welcome to Pratap Group – your trust partner in Vastu consultancy.

We specialize in harnessing the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra to create harmonious living and working space. With a wealth of experience, we offer personalized consultations, blending time-based principles with your unique needs.

Let us guide you in cultivating environment that promote balance, positivity and prosperity.


Alok Pratap


Our Services

Home Vastu


Home Vastu offers you precise guidelines that can be implemented in any home settings. Consequently, it enhances your sense of comfort.

Office Vastu


Optimize your workspace with office Vastu consultation for enhanced productivity, positive energy and over all success.

Industrial Vastu


Elevate industrial efficiency and prosperity with Vastu consultation, optimizing energy flow and harmonizing work environments.

Why Hire Us?

Expertise Rooted in Tradition:

Pratap Group Vastu Consultancy brings a wealth of experience deeply rooted in the traditions of Vastu Shastra, ensuring authentic and time-tested guidance for your unique needs. Our consultancy firm adopts a holistic approach, considering not only physical structures but also the spiritual and energetic aspects of your space, resulting in comprehensive and effective solutions.

Personalized Consultations:

We understand that each client and space is unique. Our consultants provide personalized guidance, tailoring Vastu solutions to align seamlessly with your goals, aspirations, and the specific characteristics of your property.

Commitment to Client Success:

At Pratap Group, our commitment goes beyond mere consultations. We are dedicated to your success, working collaboratively to implement Vastu solutions that enhance your overall quality of life, whether at home or in the workplace.

Choose Pratap Group Vastu Consultancy for a transformative Vastu experience that goes beyond expectations, providing you with a solid foundation for a harmonious and prosperous life.

Our Consultation Process

1. Proposal

Vastu process starts with a proposal about the site. An initial phone conversation or details via email about the site to be consulted will help us to understand your requirement and enable us to quote the fees.

2. Floor Plan & Design

At stage two, we need a floor plan with accurate direction, details on the surrounding of the site, History of the premises with a brief on your goals & priorities.

3. Site Survey,Google Mapping

On-site evaluation & compass readings of your premises will be conducted at a mutually agreed time & day. These evaluations usually take 1-2 hours.

4.Vastu reading & evaluation

We have developed various methods & tools to evaluate any premises according to the Vastu principles.

5. Report by Vastu Consultant

A professional Vastu report prepared by our highly qualified Vastu consultant will be available after 3-4 days.

6. Vastu Follow Up

An expert will always follow up with your other problems and will try best to provide the enhanced best way solution.

Are You Ready to Explore The Advance Vastu Space Healing Method at Your Premises?